Dance is presented in these classes as an art form, the study of which includes a balance of technique, improvisation and composition. Performance is a natural outcome of our activities but not necessarily the main emphasis. At the end of the year students have the opportunity to present solo compositions and to participate in a group work as well. These presentations range from being most informal to being true concerts.


The following is a listing of group works choreographed in collaboration with students. It is offered to provide an idea of the diversity of interests that we have explored choreographically. The list is in the order of dances for younger to older age groups.

TWINKLE TWINKLE – 1/2 minute variations based on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, each danced as solos by young students with simple group choreography at the beginning and end. Music: Mozart.

FLYING HIGH – based on a poem by a 4th grader from Keenth Koch’s book, Wishes Dreams and Lies. Music: Mendelssohn.

The JEALOUS WITCH – based on a story developed by six year old students. Music: Scriabin.

FRIEZE – a study of Egyptian art translated into movement, with attention to measured time and two dimensional space. Performed by seven year olds. Music: Henry Cowell.

THE WEDDING OF THE MOUSE – based on a Japanese fairy tale. Music: Koto music, played by Kimio Eto.

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM – a dance for six year olds and teenagers together. Shakespeare’s spirit and out own plot. Music: Mendelssohn.

CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS – exploration of the characteristics of animal movement and personality presented in theatrical possibilities. Music: Saint-Saens, with poems by Ogden Nash.

AIR MAIL DANCES – a series of dances based on drawings for dancers by Remy Charlip. These include Towel Dance Suite, Short and Long Solo, Garden Lilacs, and other which were performed both at class concerts and at Remy Charlip’s concerts as well.

SHORT AND SUITE – two suites of dances covering a variety of subjects chosen by the children such as The Showoff, Sadness, The Maze, Diamond Dance (baseball). Music: Bartok and Stravinsky.

FIREFLIES – based on Indian mudras and a poem by Tagore. Music: trad. music of South India.

SPACE FANTASY – based on stories about outer space, written by fifth and sixth graders at P.S. 75. Music: Varèse, Webern.

PLIE BALL – elaboration of throwing and catching action, danced with colorful velvet juggling balls. Music: Bobby McFerrin.

PRIVATE EYE BALL – mystery involving detectives in a museum of classic sculpture which rearrange in strange moments. Music: Hayden.

THE GARDEN PARTY – a comedy of errors at a proper party. Music: Schubert.

ELIZABETHAN SUITE – based on a study of the Elizabethan period from sources such as paintings and songs. Music: collection of Elizabethan music.

PETER AND THE WOLF – Music: Prokofiev.

DUET DES CHATS – performed live, by two adult singers, singing operatic meows amidst a melange of multiple duets of cats in movement conversation. Music: Rossini.

WALkAROUND VERMEER – a day in the life of a painter. Based on the paintings of Vermeer, which replica costumes and set. Music: Bach.

SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL – classroom mischief. Based on the paintings of Balthus. Music: Cindy Lauper; Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

MUSEUM – a collection of solos based on paintings chosen by the children, preferably from visiting a museum or gallery, or from reproductions.

SOMEBODY’S GOING TO GET WET – a dance for teenagers, based on the painting, Nymphs and Satyr, by Bouguereau. There is a real pool of water on stage, and someone does get really wet. Music: Arensky.

LIVE – structured improvisation with peer musicians (teenagers), devised to develop more articulate communication between dancers and musicians, and to gain experience in collaboration.

EXTRA GENRE – a high energy dance, based on grids, formulas, multiple focus and overall choreographic complexity. Music: Stravinsky (in jazz rock arr.), and Steve Drews.

ETUDE AND EXCURSION – based on movement phrases developed for technical and interpretive challenge. Presented straightforwardly and then as basis for improvisation. Music: David Borden.

NEWSBREAK – based on teenagers’ interpretations of current events and media interests such as fashion, health, the lottery, commercials, etc.

PIMF – a dance based on universal images of human struggle. Music: Depeche Mode.

ANTHROPOMORFIX – a series of duets by teenagers based on animal/human characteristics and experiences. Music: Steve Drews.

TWICE TOLD TALES – a performance of dance improvisations using music thoroughly known to dancers, and made known to the audience by repeating each musical section, as performed twice in separate recordings by Glenn Gould. The point is was to maintain a fresh attitude in familiar territory, as exemplified in the Gould recordings. Music: Bach; Goldberg Variations, (selection).

FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE – a study in counterpoint for teenagers, developed by reading and analyzing the written musical score and adhering strictly to its structure. This was difficult fun. Music: Bach; Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, second movement, Largo.